Nadech & Aum for Praew January 2012

I really like this shoot, it’s not overly sexy like what Aum is usually known for. And Nadech is lookin’ fine! Lol! Enjoy! 😉

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Top 3 highest paid Thai actresses of 2011

Rakdara recently had a post about this same topic and actually listed the amounts of what all the ladies on this list made. However their order is different from the Dao Kra Jai one, I’ll just input the figues and the Rakdara list is how they have it in the photo below. Enjoy! 😉

The entertainment news show ‘Dao Kra Jai’ recently had a segment where they listed the highest paid actresses based on what they received per lakorn episode, events and product presenterships (I don’t even think that’s a word, lol!) advertisements. They had a list starting from 10, but only outlined what the top 3 earned. Here’s the list:

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Ning Panita is a married woman

December 13th, 2011 is a very special day for Thai actress ‘Ning’ Panita Pattanahirun and heir to the Yingjaroeun Market ‘Jin’ Jarin Tummawattana, they’re officially husband and wife. A marriage is always a special occasion, I love weddings! Makes me want to get married, lol!

Anyways, back to Ning & Jin, they were guests on the TV show “Tee Nee Mochit” just a couple of days ago and they were super cute, they looked very happy and he seems to care for her a lot.

Their courtship, although fairly short, was super cute! They had known each other for a while prior to dating, Jin is friends with Todd Piti Bhirompakdee who is married to Noon Woranuch, Ning’s best friend. He courted her for 5 months, and they said that for that 5 months they saw each other every day after those 5 months he popped the question, and here they are today! I wish them nothing but the best in their new life together

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