Janie to star alongside Ken Phupoom in the remake of ‘Rang Ngao’

After much speculation of who would be starring alongside veteran actress, Janie Tienphosuwan, in the 2012 remake of ‘Rang Ngao’ (แรงเงา) we finally have an answer! Newcomer ‘Ken’ Phupoom Pongpanu will be taking on the coveted role of ‘Veekit’, a role in which ultimately put popular veteran actor, ‘Ken’ Theeradeth Wongpuapun on the map. Janie will be taking on the role of twins, Mootha (Tha) & Moonin (Nin), originally portrayed by acclaimed veteran actress Ann Thongprasom.

This lakorn remake will also mark the return of actress ‘Tanya’ Tanyares Ramnarong after her very public marital woes which eventually led to divorce. Tanya will be taking on the role of ‘Nopnapa’ wife of ‘Janepope’, love interest of ‘Moonin’. ‘Napa’ was originally played by senior actress ‘Tong’ Savitree Samipak and ‘Janepope’ by singer/actor ‘Dodo’ Yuthapichit Charnlekha.

Opening Ceremony:


Mootha & Moonin are twins who never got along, when they were young Tha was favored and when they got older the tables turned and Nin became the favorite. Nin went off to America to futher her studies and Tha, feeling the education she had acquired was sufficient, moved in to Bangkok to find work.

Whilst in Bangkok, Tha befriended co-worker Veekit who eventually developed intimate feelings for her. Tha, however, did not share the same feelings, she set her sights on Janepope, Veekit’s uncle. Janepope’s wife, Nopnapa, found out of the affair and terrorized Tha’s life, even with his wife knowing, the extramarital affairs continued and Tha became pregnant. She overheard a conversation between the husband and wife essentially saying that he didn’t care about her, she was devastated and fled home.

Ashamed of what happened, and knowing that she would bring disgrace to her family by having a child out of wedlock she decided to take her own life. That night, Nin returned from America, she was the first to find Tha, they rushed her to the hospital and there they found out that Tha was pregnant. Nin became angry and she wanted to know what happened to Tha to make her want to take, not only her own, but also the life of her unborn child. Nin decided to go to Bangkok and impersonate Tha and get the answers her family was looking for.

As with Tha, Nin became fast friends with Veekit, he tried hard to keep Nin from the wispers and gossip at the office but Nin didn’t let anyone treat her badly. She finally met Janepope and was wary of him, he tried very hard to get close to her but she alwasys found a way out, soon news of “Tha’s” return reached Nopnapa and she went to the office and cursed Nin out. After that, Nin quit and went to work somewhere else. She continued to stay in contact with Veekit as well as persue her revenge on Janepope and his family. This act of revenge ultimately caused a riff in their relationship, and Veekit came to misunderstand Nin when he overheard her saying that he was just a pawn in her revenge.

One day Veekit when to see Nin and he saw her with another man who he assumed she was sleeping with, this made him angry and ultimately he forced himself upon her. The next morning he felt ashamed by his actions and he tried to apologize to her but it was too late, she told him she never wanted to see his face again. After this incident Veekit began to question the person he had come to know as Tha, he had a feeling she was not the same person.

Nopnapa fell and ended up in the hospital, after seeing this, Nin decided that there was no more reason for her revenge. She went to meet Janepope at a restaurant to say good bye and Nopnapa was there with a gun, again she was injured and had to return to the hospital. Nin left and went back home, Veekit found out and followed her there. Nin took him to see Tha and he found out the truth about what happened to her and he called Janepope to tell him.

Finally after some coaxing, Veekit was able to get Nin to forgive him and at the 100 day ceremony for Tha, in front of everyone he got down on his knees and promised to take care of her and make her happy for the rest of their lives.

The Original:

One thing I’m curious about is who’s going to be playing the role of Janepope, I’ve read some places that it’s goint to be Chai Chartayodom and other places I’ve read Pip Rawich, if anyone knows please let me know! 🙂

UPDATE: I asked ‘Vicky’ Sunisa Jett, Chai Chartayodom’s finance, if she knew if he was going to be in this lakorn or not, she told me no, so we can rule him out.


Photo Credits – Janie & Ken’s Instagrams, AsianFuse, Pantip

My summary is a summary of http://lakorns.weebly.com/r.html


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